SEASON 2022/23

Welcome to returning players and new players to Carine Cats Softball and to the 2022/2023 summer season of softball.  There have been some changes in the Registration procedures for this season.

To be able to play this season players will need to complete a 2 Step registration process:

  1. Step 1 – Club Fees Payment/Registration

Click on Softball Registration link and click on ‘Register Now ‘ button’

You will be taken to a login page:

  • If you are a new member click on ‘Sign Up’ and complete all details including the 3 declarations. You will then be direct to payment via PayPal using either your PayPal account or a credit card.
  • If you are an existing member you will need to login with a login code and password.

To obtain Login click on ‘Forgot my Login’ and it will be sent to the email address that is on file.

Next click on ‘Forgot my Password’ enter your email address and Login and you will be sent a link to reset your password.  Once you have resent your password press Update.

You will be taken back to ‘Existing Player page’, add your login and password to the required fields and click ‘Login’.

Player information should come up, change or add any information needed.

Then press ‘Continue to Register’ and this will take you to the declaration page, complete and press proceed.  Add the registration amounts for the player grades and press  ’Next’

Press the PayPal button for all payments.  You can choose to pay with a credit or debit card or if you have a PayPal account choose login.  Follow the PayPal directions for payment.

You can now update or add any other changes to your player profile with the    login code and password you have at any time during the season.

  1. Step 2 – Softball Australia Registration

All players will need to register with Softball Australia through their new database called RevSport.  Players are required to pay their capitation/insurance fees at the time of registration.

Once the Men’s Winter Softball season is completed, Softball Australia will open the database for the Summer season registration.  If you register with Carine Cats you will be sent a link to the Softball Australia database registration for Carine Cats.

Softball Australia insurance/registration fees are ( approx) :

Seniors – $44.30        Juniors – $21.50       Officials – $34.00

Carine Fees for the 2021/2022 Summer Competition are:

Juniors – U14 – $140

Juniors – U16 – $150

Seniors (18 yrs and older) – $255

Premier Leaque –  $195

Summer Mens & Womens Masters/Vets – $195

Carine fees include registration, equipment, junior uniform playing top (junior teams only), ground usage fees, team fees and end of season trophies.

Player fees can also be paid by the following – please contact Softball Registrar for more information:

  • As a direct credit to Carine Cats bank account,
  • Cash/cheque via Softball Registrar
  • By setting up a Payment Plan

Should any players require adjusted fees (ie FIFO workers) or wish to set up a Payment Plan are to contact Cheryl Poustie, Softball Registrar directly on 0412 883 194 or 9447 4914 or by email at softballregistrar@carinecats regarding payment of fees.

For players wishing to play in both a senior and junior team:

  1. There will be a levy payable for the second team. Players will be advised of the levy once they have been allocated to a senior team.
  2. For junior players wishing to play seniors ONLY, the senior fee will apply.
  3. Please forward a written request to play in both a junior and senior team to either Kerry Rispoli or Cheryl Poustie.


KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5 to 18 years, whose parents hold a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, to participate in community sport by offering them financial assistance of up to $150 per calendar year towards club fees.  The Kidsport payment goes direct to the registered Kidsport Club participating in the project through their Local Government.  Application voucher can be found online under Kidsport website  or contact Kerry Rispoli or Cheryl Poustie.

UMPIRES – The Softball Division no longer covers plate umpiring costs and the onus falls back on the teams to take up a small collection from the players.  Each team to roster their players to undertake base umpiring in the grade in which they play.

For junior teams Hank is happy to cover plates – $40 per plate.  Depending on the fixtures and the number of teams in each age group Hank will try to cover as many plates on the club’s behalf.

PSL will ask for plate umpires for the umpire’s pool.  If you are new to softball umpiring and would like to be a part of this plate umpires pool you will receive $40 per game, excellent training is available.  Please contact or mobile 0408 484 662.



Team Nominations for the summer season are lodged in early September.  Pre-season training/grading is COMPULSORY for Juniors.  Seniors wishing to be considered for playing in a higher grade should endeavour to attend at least 2 sessions.  To this end there will be 4 sessions for seniors – 2 mid week sessions and 2 weekend sessions.  These sessions also need to be fitted around the Mens Winter Softball which is played on Sundays at Birralee.

Training/Grading sessions will be held at Birralee Upper Oval (cnr Beatrice Street and Shaw Avenue, Innaloo)

JUNIORS: Special Transition Clinic to Softball for T-Ball players entering softball for first time – Saturday 16 July 2022, 11am to 12.30pm (U12 level) and 1pm to 2.30pm (U14 level).  Please advise your attendance to Softball Registrar.

JUNIOR & SENIOR:  Sunday 31 July 2022, 9.30am to 11.30am

                                  Sunday 7 August 2022, 9.30am to 11.30am

SENIORS:  Midweek sessions:

                  Tuesday 2 August 2022, 5.30pm to 7pm

                 Wednesday 3 August 2022, 5.30pm to 7pm

 Players please wear appropriate sports wear (especially if cold and wet) and bring a water bottle, hat, jacket, your GLOVE and your helmet (if you own one).

If you are unable to attend please advise Registrar, Cheryl Poustie, on 0412 883 194 or 94474914 or Kerry Rispoli on 0408 484 662.

Any grading request to be in writing to Softball Registrar at, and will be referred to grading group for consideration and will be dependant on individual circumstances.


TEAM ALLOCATION EVENING – TUESDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2021 at Birralee Club rooms, cnr Beatrice Street and Shaw Road, Innaloo.

Juniors & Seniors at 7pm

Please Note:  No uniform pieces will be sold on this night.  A date in early October will be advised for uniform sales and on training nights up to the season start.

 ORIENTATION EVENING – for coaches, managers and scorers

TUESDAY 15 September at Birralee Club Rooms, cnr Beatrice Street and Shaw Avenue, Innaloo.

Coaches, managers and scorers are requested to attend so that specific information on the upcoming season can be distributed and explained.

Specialized sessions in pitching, catching will be advised in due course.  Scoring Clinic will be scheduled prior to season commencement for new scorers or those wishing to brush up on their skills.  Softball WA usually run a scoring clinic before season start.  Please advise Kerry or Cheryl if you are interested in these courses.



The Carine Club has gone through a rebranding exercise and as a result new uniforms will be available for the upcoming season.

Junior playing tops will be provided by the Softball Division.  Players to provide their own black pants, or chippers – no leggings.  Socks and undershirts will be black.  Caps will be black with “CC” logo.

Seniors will need to purchase new playing top and there will be new playing shorts also.  Pants or chippers will be black. Undershirts/compression garments will be black and playing socks will be black.  Cap or visor will be black with “CC” logo.

Further information on uniforms will be forwarded to registered players at a later date



Teams need support in the areas of coaching, scoring and a manager.  If you are interested in one of these areas please advise Registrar.

The Softball Committee is always in need of support and anyone interested in being part of the Softball Committee would be welcome.  Committee meets on second Monday of month at 7.30pm at Birralee.   Please advise either Softball Chairperson, Kerry Rispoli or Registrar, Cheryl Poustie.

Kerry Rispoli –  mobile 0408484 662

Cheryl Poustie –  mobile 0412 883 194